Eluo 雾化器清洗器

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ICP Nebulizer Maintenance Made Easy

Eluo 可用于 Glass Expansion 同轴玻璃和抗 HF 雾化器。


1. 将甲醇装入 Eluo。

2. 将雾化器尖端插入 Eluo。

3. 压下柱塞清洗雾化器。

雾化器毛细管和其尖端中沉积的粒子会限制样品流动,因而降低雾化器效率和性能。以前没有简单的方法可以有效地清洗雾化器和去除堵塞。现在,使用革新性的新清洗仪器 - Eluo,可以安全方便地将阻塞的雾化器恢复到最佳性能。

Eluo 的设计,使清洁剂能快速地通过雾化器毛细管传送,以去除粒子积聚,彻底清洗雾化器。只需一个简单操作就可清洗干净。无需更多棘手步骤、等待一晚上或将雾化器散布于超声波池中。

请定期使用 Eluo 以维护雾化器性能和延长雾化器使用寿命。清洗雾化器的答案很简单: 每个实验室都应拥有一个 - Eluo。

Part Number Description
70-ELUO Eluo Nebulizer Cleaning Tool (glass concentric nebulizers)
70-ELUO-OP Eluo Nebulizer Cleaning Tool (old design OpalMist and PolyCon nebulizer)
70-ELUO-OPD Eluo Nebulizer Cleaning Tool (new design OpalMist, PolyCon or DuraMist nebulizer)
Glass concentric nebulizer - requires 70-ELUO
Old design OpalMist and PolyCon - requires 70-ELUO-OP
New design OpalMist, PolyCon and DuraMist - requires 70-ELUO-OPD

The Eluo can also be conveniently used to clean the Inline Particle Filter P/N 70-803-1108 with the addition of Adaptor P/N 70-803-1160.

Spare Parts and Consumables for Eluo

Spares for Eluo
703-0070 Eluo Plunger
703-0058 Eluo Barrel
70-703-0069 Eluo Nebulizer Holder for glass concentric nebulizers
70-803-0932 Eluo OPD Nebulizer Holder for OpalMist, PolyCon or DuraMist
70-703-0074 Eluo OP Nebulizer Holder for old design OpalMist or PolyCon
70-0806 Eluo O-ring Kit (2 sets)
70-803-1160 Eluo Adaptor for Inline Filter


(In reference to the Eluo Nebulizer Cleaner) I have used it for years. Great tool to have and use regularly to keep your nebulizer clean.

Consumer products manufacturer - USA

(In reference to the Eluo Nebulizer Cleaner) It's a must have. We've removed several partial clogs from a SeaSpray nebulizer over the past couple of years.

Chemicals supplier - USA

The Eluo cleaner has been used on a couple of occasions for our ICPMS concentric nebulisers and has performed admirably!

University - UK

(In reference to the Eluo Nebulizer Cleaner) I have used this and love it. I try to use it about every other week, if I remember.

University laboratory - USA

We were very pleased with the Eluo - great idea and a lot easier than how we used to clean the nebulisers. Keep up with the great ideas.

Contract laboratory - New Zealand