Glass Expansion 雾化室类型

Cinnabar cyclonic - 用于所有 ICP 的低容量雾化室

Cinnabar 雾化室是小型气旋式雾化室,在非常低的汲取量下具有很高的敏感度。Cinnabar 的设计和低容量,对于抑制记忆效应和基体效应的影响很理想,并且有非常快的冲刷率。


夹层 Cinnabar 雾化室 (硼硅酸盐玻璃材质)

双层Cinnabar雾化室具有一个外部夹层,用以加入温控冷却剂。恒温控制有助于确保结果的高度重现性以及长期稳定性。还可制冷以抑制挥发,使高挥发性溶剂能够直接抽吸,例如石油和汽油。用于 MicroMist 雾化器最理想。



I replaced my cross-flow system with your MicroMist and Cinnabar spray chamber and get much better performance. Also, I am getting the same counts as I was getting on my cross-flow at twice the uptake rate.

Environmental service laboratory - USA

I would suggest the MicroMist nebulizer + Cinnabar spray chamber from Glass Expansion. I did some work on certification of Hg isotopic reference materials and it worked very well. I used this setup in the self-aspirating mode and gained wash-out times for Hg 10 ng/g (solution) 10 times better than with a usual Crossflow nebulizer.

Research institute - Germany

After using a GE MicroMist nebulizer and Cinnibar spray chamber on our ICP-MS for several years with excellent results, I bought the same setup for our new PE 4300 ICP-OES for some applications with very small sample sizes. Sensitivity and precision are the same as with the standard cross-flow/Scott combination. Washout is maybe even better, since the Cinnibar washes out very nicely.

Marine science institute - USA