Glass Expansion 雾化器类型

SeaSpray - 高溶解固体雾化器

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样品汲取量为2mL/分钟的SeaSpray U系列雾化器附带:
1 x NFT-075,UniFit连接器 (取样管0.75mm内径 x 1.3mm外径 x 700mm长)

样品汲取量为0.4mL/分钟的SeaSpray U系列雾化器附带:
1 x NFT-050,UniFit连接器 (取样管0.50mm内径 x 1.3mm外径 x 700mm长)

样品汲取量为2mL/分钟的SeaSpray EzyFit雾化器附带:
1 x EZT-075,EzyFit连接器 (取样管0.75mm内径 x 1.3mm外径 x 700mm长)

样品汲取量为0.4mL/分钟的SeaSpray EzyFit雾化器附带:
1 x EZT-050,EzyFit连接器 (取样管0.50mm内径 x 1.3mm外径 x 700mm长)

All SeaSpray U-Series nebulizers are supplied with the EzyLok argon connector.

SeaSpray U系列雾化器

SeaSpray EzyFit nebulizers with an 'E' at the end of the part number are supplied with EzyLok argon connector.



(In reference to the SeaSpray nebulizer) It is, without a doubt, the best nebuliser I have ever used--in over 20 years of ICP analysis.

Environmental laboratory - Canada

(In reference to the SeaSpray nebulizer) It is working very well, as are all the cleaning tools and pre-filter........ how great you were in helping me buy the right nebulizer, etc. I could not have asked for any better customer service.

Pharmaceutical laboratory - USA

The fact is that the Sea Spray is working so well that we don't need to replace it as often. We have two instruments that use it and the nebs just go on and on ... just like the proverbial Energizer Bunny.

Environmental laboratory - USA

The new system seems to be working great on the Varian. RSD averages with the SeaSpray and Twister have ranged from 0.24 to 0.35 for the most part.

Reference material manufacturer - USA

We have a new ICP-MS on order and want to use the SeaSpray nebulizers as we are really happy with the ones we use with ICP-OES.

Research Institute - New Zealand

I've been having very good results with the high pressure SeaSpray (0.4mL/min) nebulizer you recommended for our Optima 7300 DV. I've been able to get it to self-aspirate ... and it flows at 0.4 mL/min, with no pump tubing and associated pulsations. The precision is outstanding, better than I have ever seen on an ICP. Great nebulizer. The new U-series design is perfect for this application because of the reduced dead volume, it washes out very quickly.

Wastewater laboratory - USA

I have just installed and tested the Twister spray chamber and SeaSpray nebulizer on our Spectro™ Genesis ICP, and at this stage it appears to be performing very well, with sensitivities about twice what we were getting with the Scott/crossflow combination.

Minerals laboratory - Australia

I love the SeaSpray nebulizer and Twister spray chamber I'm using on our Optima 3300DV, along with all the fittings and connectors that make it so easy to connect and also to disassemble for cleaning.

Wastewater laboratory - USA

We put in our SeaSpray nebulizer. Strong accolades of approval. I probably need to buy one more as a back-up.

Healthcare company - USA

I switched from Spectro's™ Scott style spray chamber and cross-flow nebulizer to GE's Twister cyclonic spray chamber and SeaSpray nebulizer. I now get excellent performance with much faster washout times.

Environmental laboratory - USA